Direct Sales

Is direct sales the best option?

In 2016 nearly 3.5 million Canadians and 12.5 million Americans were self-employed, with many others reporting self-employment as a secondary source of income. A career in direct sales is an excellent self-employment option. Consider these statistics:

  • Worldwide, 475,000 people become involved with direct sales every week.
  • Worldwide, 48 million people are currently involved with direct sales.
  • Worldwide, these people sell US $82 billion worth of goods every year.
  • In Canada, people involved in direct sales sell CDN $1.3 billion worth of goods every year.
  • 55% of Americans have purchased goods or services through direct sales.

More and more people are finding that a career in direct sales can offer them the success and personal fulfillment they’ve been looking for.

Will you become one of them?