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Have you ever noticed how the scents of certain flowers evoke certain emotions? Does the aroma of a favourite family recipe conjure warm memories of childhood? The powerful feelings associated with these phenomena illustrate the principle of aromatherapy.

The science of Aromatherapy uses essential oils, extracted from aromatic plant sources, to treat and balance mind, body and spirit. The scents from these oils are thought to activate nerve cells in the nasal cavity, which then stimulate the limbic system, the region of the brain associated with emotions and memory. Of all the human senses, the sense of smell has the greatest capacity to affect our emotions.

The effects of aromatherapy have been known for more than two millennia. The earliest documented incident involving aromatherapy occurred when Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ship with rose oil in a bid to seduce Marc Anthony. Today, the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes is growing rapidly. Many corporations have found that introducing certain aromas into the workplace air system can have a beneficial effect on their employees.

Spa Sensations provides aromatic Spa Products for everyday use.

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